Your logo is an important part of your company’s identity. A logo is a symbol of your company that is easily recognized even when consumers cannot recall any information about your company. However, they recognize your logo as a brand that can be trusted. Your logo is your identity.

Keystone Connect provides custom logo design services that are affordable and effective. We work with our clients to create a logo that best represents their business mission in a memorable and easily recognized manner. Your image requires a thoughtful process in creating a lasting image with consumers.

Design Process

  • We Submit 5 Logo Designs
  • You choose your favorite 2
  • We provide 3 revisions for each one of your favorites
  • You make your final selection
  • We will provide up to 3 revisions of the final selection

Have a specific design in mind?

Even though you have specific ideas for your logo we still go through the complete design process because of the font styles, color placement, slight variations in style, and etc. Sometimes it is the smallest details that make the difference in a logo design.

Logo Redesign

Businesses grow and redevelop to adapt to the changing business market. A change may require an updated or upgraded logo design. Keystone Connect can provide a logo redesign for your company. A redesign does not require a complete new image. Redesigning a logo may require a different font style, updated graphic, or a slight change in coloring to accommodate your business’ new image. We understand the most important part of redesign is to update your logo without jeopardizing your current brand recognition.