Does it matter where you host your website? YES!

Your website hosting effects the speed your site loads, dictates what features or functions you can incorporate on your website, and the visibility of your website. In addition, if one of your website components does not function properly, you will require assistance in fixing the issue and having your site operating at 100% quickly.

Many businesses and website developers require the need for hosting companies to provide technical assistance with programing or troubleshooting functions on their website. While many large companies provide cheap hosting, they do not provide technical assistance in troubleshooting email, website code, etc. Keystone Connect offers additional technical support for these services.

Keystone Connect provides affordable, reliable and dependable website hosting service so your business is accessible 24/7 online.

Our website hosting services include:

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* Additional charges may apply

Website Hosting FAQ

  -  Additional fees may apply based upon the complexity and amount of content to transfer the website and ensure it is operational once all files are relocated to our website servers.
  -  $35 for a 2-year registration.
  -  Yes. You are listed as the registrant and domain owner.
  -  Yes. We can update the DNS of your domain to point to our servers. Your domain login credentials will be required for us to access your domain.
  -  Yes. You will have access to use our webmail service.

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