Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs

In today’s business environment, your web site IS your business. Long gone are the days of websites being optional. Websites are vital to growth and longevity in any business. The question is no longer “Are people using the web to find products?”. The question is: “Will they find my business when they search for my product or service?”

Here at Keystone Connect we believe there are 3 major items that drive the success of your website; Design, Content, and Search Engine Optimization

Keystone Connect will develop a website that reflects your business and brand. We also realize the importance of functionality and purpose in creating your website. Our custom website designs are built to perform. Website designs must be responsive, functional, and create a response to your message.

The key to an effective website design is the content. All too often businesses are stuck on creating a great looking site but overlook the main idea – the content. In order to meet the demands of consumers and organize the massive amounts of websites, search engines are perpetually changing their algorithms. Content is not the only piece of the puzzle, but it is the most important one in providing relevant search results.

Keystone Connect will assist in developing website content that will keep your business relevant and compliant with search engines standards.

S.E.O. Savvy businesses understand the greatest website with all the bells and whistles is useless unless they can be found in the search engines.

Keystone Connect utilizes techniques in our website designs that meet the standards for top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to ensure your site is listed. These techniques include responsive design, keyword identification, content writing, and other tricks we can’t share with competitors.

Effective Website Design starts with a plan


For us to be effective, we want to know your business inside and out. We educate ourselves on your industry, competitors, and market position, then use that information to help you achieve your web goals.


After thorough research, we develop a web concept that will reach your target audience, and meet your customers’ demands for a conversion driven web experience.


In this phase, we determine the what, where, and how. We create a functional yet effective design and layout that will meet your customer’s needs.


This is where the good stuff happens. The site is in full development and we are sharing our work with you for your input and edits.

Quality Check

The site is completed … Yeah! After confirming everything works as planned, we check every nook, link, form, button, image, page, and cranny for errors. We also cross-check browsers and platforms for consistency in your design. It’s all in the details.


We have reached the countdown and are ready to launch your site live onto the world-wide web. It’s time to reap the rewards of a fresh, optimized, brand new site.

Design Features & Capabilities

  • Responsive Design
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Online Catalogs
  • Member Websites
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendars
  • Blog/News
  • Social Media plugins
  • Content
  • Management
  • Database Websites

Are you ready to talk design?